Friday, May 4, 2007


Anyone catch CSI tonight?

I am a proud CSI geek! I've seen every episode, I swear! I thought Grissom was the miniature killer, and tonight's episode totally confirmed that!

And all of the spoilers say that Sara is going to get killed off in the season finale on the 17th. How can it be?????

This show just keeps me guessing all the time. I love love love it!

Man, my insomnia is out of control lately. Even though I had NO sleep last night, 1 AM is creeping up very quickly and I am wide awake!

Off to go lay in bed and stare at the ceiling for a few hours..........................Night!


Meghan said...

Man... if I have insomnia... I'd get a lot more done!!

Jules said...

No way Meghan! Now I don't fall asleep until 2, so when I have to wake up at 7, I'm draggin ass. It takes me a good two hours to wake up enough to even brew coffee! Nothing gets done until noon or later! LOL!

Corey said...

man...I haven't seen that show in are telling me that Grissom is a KILLER?????? "get out!"

Jules said...

Yeah, I don't know Corey. The season finale is two weeks away on Thursday, and the killer's identity is revealed, so we'll see then. The clues kind of point to him though, crazy as it sounds!

Helen said...

Sara is going to die?! Oh well, I actually didn't really like her anyways. I can't imagine Grissom being a killer.

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