Thursday, May 28, 2009

In the past year I have struggled with deciding what my talents are when it comes to writing. I know that I *want* to write, I know that I *can* write. I just don't know what on earth to write ABOUT. I want to write for kids, of all ages. I have hundreds of stories, poems, songs, novels and jokes rambling around in my brain.

Just recently I started writing down my stories and came up with a birthday idea. I always struggle with birthday gifts for my daughters; they have toys piled to the ceiling, drawers jammed full of clothes, various stuffed friends and all kinds of books, movies and music. Plus a huge assortment of family and friends to add to the collection when Christmas and birthdays roll around.

However, this next birthday will be a special one for Chloe. I am making her a book full of original stories and poems, I'll have it bound and spend some time making silly illustrations (since I am no artiste!). I sincerely hope she will keep it forever and look through it often to remember how much fun I have had making up stories and challenging her imagination.

I will give Alivia her book when she is five. I know I'll need that much time to work on another. Right now my goal is to have 10 short stories, 5 poems, a couple of songs and a longer story in each book.

This is a song I created for Chloe when she was a newborn. She nursed so frequently and we spent MANY a night in her bedroom, gently rocking in my rocking chair while she laid in my arms. She was so quiet and peaceful and she loved when I sang to her. I sang Hush Little Baby over and over so many times and realized how outdated it really was (horse and cart? mockingbird?) so I made up a fresh version.

Hush, little baby don't make a noise
Mama's gonna find you a bunch of boys.
And if that bunch of boys won't play
Mama's gonna buy you a bale of hay.
And if that bale of hay gets dry
Mama's gonna sing you a lullaby.
And if that lullaby sounds awful
Mama's gonna make you a blueberry waffle.
And if that blueberry waffle tastes bad
Mama's gonna buy you a big Leappad.
And if that big Leappad won't beep
Mama's gonna buy you a baby sheep.
And if that baby sheep has no wool
Mama will still think you are beau-ti-ful!

We still sing this everynight and both girls know all of the words. I haven't made one up for Alivia yet, because I didn't spend most of her babyhood rocking gently in a chair. I spent most of it rocking back and forth in the corner tearing my hair out whilst my ears bled!!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tuesday Ten

Ten Things That Have Happened in the 9 Months Since I've Blogged:

1. Chloe turned four and Ali turned 2.

2. The Hubs and I became The Ex and I.

3. Got a car, a roommate (cousin), fell down the stairs at work, took an ambulance ride, did all the everyday Mommy stuff and fell in love with life.

4. I graduated college.

5. I started working at a high school that I hope to teach at within a few years.

6. I laughed, smiled, joked, giggled, appreciated and enjoyed. A lot.

7. I realized that my 4 1/2 year old is quite possible the most charming child in the world!

8. I realized my 2 1/2 year old is quite possible the most irresistable character in the world!

9. I read a lot of books, wrote a lot of stories, did some puzzles, read some blogs, caught up on know, geeky things.

10. I became very zen and realized how damn good life is!!!

I've missed everyone, I hope to make blogging a regular part of my week now.