Friday, May 4, 2007

Bye Trash Boy! and other random musings

I was surfing the internet, looking through blogs. It's fun to look at someone's blog, then click on a linkie to one of their friend's blogs, then randomly click five or six more times until you get to an interesting looking one. It's like the six degrees of seperation (spelling?) only weirder.

I have come to the realization that there are some CRAZY ASS PEOPLE out there!

As I was perusing, Chloe yells "Bye Trash Boy!" Proper pronunciation would be closer to "Bye Chash bo-ee!" I had no idea what she was talking about until I saw she was watching Sesame Street, and Oscar the Grouch had just shut himself inside his garbage can. My little stinker is so smart! She also calls Play Dough "Squishies!" My other favorite words of hers are...

Pockels (popsicles)
Paw-kern (pop corn)
Chockit (chocolate)
Melmo (elmo)
Wain (rain)
Chish (fish)
Eh-tant (Elephant)
Bobber (water)
Jaf (giraffe)
Mo-mote (remote)
Kucker (sucker)
Keam (ice cream)
Gog (dog)

That's just a few. I love that half the time she says something people stare at her like she is speaking Swahili, but Mama knows just what she is saying!

Also, whenever you ask where something went she always says "Went home!" Even for the pee going down the toilet. :) Or if you ask where something is it is always "hidin!"

This girl keeps me laughing all day long. Half the time I am snorting coke all over the place. That would be DIET coke, and it is spewing OUT of my nose, not in! :) Speaking of Diet Coke, I'm loving the new Diet Coke Plus with vitamins and minerals. Tastes just like normal DC. Plus now I can justify my diet soda addictions since it is now perfectly healthy. *roll eyes*

In other news, I have a baby dinosaur in my house and she is shaking the walls with her ear splitting shreaks and squeals and yells and screams. She is SOOO noisy! But happy noisy.

In other randomness, can I just say that I am infatuated with the dollar store? Tony doesn't understand the fascination, it's all junk to him. But it's really the only place that I can go on a massive shopping spree and not damage the checkbook too badly. Plus I love our dollar store's gift section. You can buy gift bags, tissue paper, wrapping paper for, like, only a buck! :) It's genius!

And I usually stock up on a bunch of toys and books and flash cards and art supplies to store as bribery and gifts for Chloe. She doesn't know the difference between Crayola crayons, and the cheapie brand. They all write on the wall equally well!

The dollar store also had a ton of summer stuff out. So I stocked up on sidewalk chalk, frisbees, balls, bubbles galore, water guns, and even a hula hoop!

I had a heaping cart full, and it only costed me forty buckaroonies! Try that at Target!