Wednesday, May 2, 2007

A big scare today!

I was busy making Alivia a bottle and getting her a clean diaper. I turned around to find Chloe sitting on the kitchen floor with the bottle of 400 count Flinstone vitamins, and a full mouth. I had to pry open her mouth and sweep the vitamins out (she had at least 10 in there) without choking her! She was putting up a huge fuss too.

So as I am counting the vitamins in the bottle, I call poison control. Since the vitamins don't have added iron, there wasn't too much of a danger, unless she ate more than a hundred, according to the poison control specialist. Fortunately only 60 were gone, and I guessed we'd used about 30 before. So she probably ate about 20-30.

I have no idea why she did that. Or how she got the child proof cap off. She knows they are vitamins (she calls them bite-uns) and that she only gets one a day.

This is actually our fifth call into poison control. Last time she ate dishwasher soap. Yum!

So make sure ALL of your pill bottles are WAAAY up out of reach, locked up if you can. The little stinkers are surprising with how quick they can climb and pop off child proof tops.

And I think we should all write letters to vitamin companies persuading them to flavor their vitamins like spinach and stop making them look like candy! Maybe they wouldn't be so appealing to little hands!


Corey said...

eeeekkkkkkkk!!! I am so sorry that happened! Great reminder Julie! I will move mine off the counter and into the highest cupboard.
So far no poison control calls from me. knock on wood. Kenna isn't a big taster of things.
hugs to you mama!

Jen said...

Yep ours are up too....D acts like they are candy when he gets his one a day! He actually wakes up asking for it! lol. remind me to ask you something about bitamans :)

Keara said...

Oh no! I am glad everything is ok.

Jules said...

LOL Jen! Yeah, that's the weird thing is she calls them "Bite ems" and she knows she always gets one. I even am paranoid so I bite it in half first and I get half. So when it is time for her bite ems, she always says "Mama share? Juss one!"

So she very well knows they are only a one day thing, but they must have been too tempting!

Beanie's Mom said...

Of course, if they tasted like spinach, they'd never eat them at all! :D Cassie does the same thing, though she hasn't gotten them open. She did that once with MY vitamins once though, like a year ago! Scary!

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