Thursday, May 24, 2007

Betty and Duncan

I just had this conversation with my two year old.

C: (picking at bandaid on her banged up knee) Mom, hepp (help)!
M: Do you want Mom to take off your bandaid?
C: Yeah, hepp.
M: (reaching towards her knee)
C: NOOOOOO! No hepp!
M: Ok, you do it.
C: Hepp Mom!

And she's also learning that Mama's version of sharing is a bit different than hers. I made homemade cinnamon swirl cupcakes, with a white chocolate almond frosting yesterday. It was so much work, but they turned out delicious. Of course, when I say homemade, I mean I made them at home out of a box and a can, but it's nearly the same thing, right?

So after breakfast C-Lo was already asking for a "cuppy cike". So I complied and said that we could share one. I tore off a miniscule chunk for her, and was about to pop the other 3/4 of the sweet yumminess in my mouth when Chloe pointed to mine and yelled "NO! Dats mine!" I showed her the piece I had torn off for her and explained that it was hers and she was sharing with Mommy. The little smarty pants refused to give up until I gave her my bigger piece. So I ate the small piece and gave her the big one. Of course, when she turned her back, I ripped the paper off of another one and shoved it in my mouth quickly. By the time she turned around to see what the paper crinkling was all about, the cuppy cike was gone. I tried to chew quickly and not spew crumbs at her as she stared at me suspiciously. In my haste, I didn't get all of the paper cup off of the cupcake, so I got an extra dose of fiber today. I couldn't pull it out of my mouth, I knew she'd bust me!


Corey said...

If I've said it once, I'll say it again....YOU MAKE ME LAUGH! I love it!
I have been caught eating something yummy by Kenna too. LOL they are just too darn smart!

Jules said...

Yeah, Chloe got only a few pieces of Easter candy, and I put the rest up in the cupboard. I would try to sneak a little something but the second she heard the little cellophane wrapper she would come running yelling "canny!!!!" Little stinkers!

Megan said...

JULIE! You crack me up. I LOVE the way you tell stories. And D is the EXACT same way about sharing. I seriously have to split things down the middle with her or she throws a FIT if she doesn't get the bigger piece.
Look out Little Sister!

Funny, funny stuff!

bigmamou80 said...

that is to funny! the things we do for our babies!

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