Thursday, May 31, 2007

A blast from the past!

The Grocery Store
Then: Giggling and blushing over the hot guy who winked at me by the tampon aisle.

Now: Tears of joy and excitement over a sale on organic produce.

The Stop Light
Then: Throwing my blond tresses over my shoulder, cruising Main Street with a car full of giggling teenagers, jamming to the blasting music.

Now: Retrieving lost binkies, brushing my greasy, unwashed hair back into a ponytail, turning up the radio to drown out the screaming from the backseat.

The Library
Then: Looking through the dictionary to see what "sex" meant, then giggling hysterically with my grade school friends.

Now: Paying fifteen dollars in late fines for children's books. Partly because I kept forgetting to take them back, and partly because my toddler loved them so much I didn't want to take them away.

The Park
Then: Scratching "JB + RS = LUV" into a picnic table with a pen.

Now: Frowning at the graffiti on the picnic tables.

The Public Bathroom
Then: Going to the restroom with a group of giggling teenage girlfriends to reapply makeup, fluff hair, and gossip.

Now: Trying not to pee on myself while holding a baby, trying to keep a toddler in the stall, and using every muscle in my body to hover a few inches above the germ infested seat.

The Bedroom
Then: Trying out kinky new moves, staying up all night talking and laughing.

Now: Collapsing into bed exhausted, staying up all night feeding and rocking, forgetting to brush my teeth.

The Night Out
Then: Spending hours perfecting my makeup and hair. Getting dressed in a hot outfit, going dancing, having a few drinks, stumbling in late.

Now: Having the husband watch the kids so I can run to the store in my sweatpants to buy diapers.

My how things change!


Jen said...

LMAO Jules!!! So so true! I love your blog girlie! :)

Laura said...

Oh my gosh, that's so true it's scary! Great post!

Helen said...

So true! LMAO! The other day I was going into the grocery store and there was a group of giggly teens outside just hanging around. I wondered to myself what the heck they were doing being idiots like that but then I remembered it was not too long ago that I was just as much an idiot and having fun doing it. My how time flys............sigh.......

Lori- Fairytales & Margaritas said...

Sooooo true! Except that I'm having Mom's Night Out tonight and I'm definitely getting my drink on!

Corey said...

Another Great post Julie! so true and funny. Thanks for the smile!

Jules said...

Ooooh lucky you Lori!!

Helen, I am constantly rolling my eyes at those girls. I am in denial though, I keep telling myself I KNOW I was never that immature. LOL!

Nichole said...

I love your blog, Jules!!!

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