Saturday, May 12, 2007

Mosquitoes, Lawn Mowers, and Whip-Its, Oh My!

Tonight we went to my parent's house to celebrate Mother's Day. I really love my parents, and I especially love that they have been married for 27 years. It seems like that is almost hard to find these days. Of course, they are constantly criticizing each other or snapping each other's heads off (Not THAT serving dish, jeez! Do you REALLY have to cook the chicken first????? Etc, etc, etc). It gets annoying, but two minutes later they are laughing and have forgotten all about it.

It was a perfect evening, warm enough that we could hang out outdoors, but not hot enough to be uncomfortable. My dad worked the grill, my nephew rode his miniature four wheeler all over the yard and orchard, and my 3 year old niece and Chloe rode around in their pink power wheels jeep. My mom, sister, brother in law, Tony, and I relaxed in the lounge chairs, drinking Coronas with lime, and snacking on fresh pineapple. The kids took turns cruising on the riding lawn mower with grandma.

While everyone was occupied outside, my sister and I snuck inside to prepare strawberry shortcake desserts for everyone. But not before doing a few Whip Its with the can of whip cream. If you aren't familiar with whip its, it is basically sucking the aerosol out of the can, sending it straight to your brain and giving you a nice fuzzy feeling. The glorious high lasts for 2.3 seconds, and probably depletes a hundred brain cells each time. Who needs those silly brain cells anyway!
We felt so naughty and put the whip cream back in the fridge and quietly snuck back outside giggling to ourselves. be 13 again!

The sun started to set and the mosquitoes came calling. After a major West Nile scare last year (Idaho had the highest number of West Nile deaths in the US), we weren't taking any chances, and we headed inside. But not before the nasty buggers had their feast. I am currently scratching at about 8 skeeto bites. :(

We stayed quite a while, playing an entertaining geography game (How many states in the US? What, 52? WRONG! Chug, chug, chug!) I was the designated globe holder and my mom, sister and brother in law had fun yelling out incorrect answers and making each other drink. It was the most G rated drinking game I've ever played!!!! I must also mention my mom rarely imbibes. And if she does it is the occasional glass of vino. So it was fun to see her kick back and get a teensy bit snockered.

But now we are back home and I am ACHING. My back is positively killing me. I did have to drive almost two hours, and sitting in the same position like that just makes me miserable. I am about to run off to bed and cuddle up to my beautiful snuggle bunny. Speaking of bed...Chloe is now in a big girl bed, and doing wonderfully!!! She goes straight to sleep as soon as she gets tucked in. It's glorious!


Corey said...

sounds like you really had a fun time with your family! :) That is wonderful.
as for the whip-its...ummm never tried it....never will. I need all the braincells I have. I am swiss cheese brain as it is!

Happy MOther's Day!

Meghan said...

I can not stop laughing over the fact that you actually did whip-its!!

Dude... you're one loco mama, and I love it!

Jules said...

LOL! The last time I did whip its, I think I was 14. During a sleepover, a group of my friends and I walked down to the corner grocery store. We piled about fourteen cans of whip cream, a 48 roll pack of toilet paper, and 3 bottles of shaving cream on the counter at 9 PM. We were trying to stifle our giggles and not look too suspicious. I can't believe the cashier sold it all to us! We were sooooo bad.

Lori said...

Sounds like good times. My parents like to play Beer Pong, but it's just too weird to play a drinking game w/ them.

KatieMattandAbbie said...

Oh the whip its. yes to be young again. Good times.
Isnt it funny how our parents can bicker one minute and then hug the next. I was on a 45 min ride with my parents last weekend and the wold bicker bicker bicker and then laugh the next minute my dad would put his arm aruond my mom and they would kiss. They have been married 27 years. I so hope we are like that when we get older.

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