Thursday, May 24, 2007

My poor icky sissy!

I know, I know, my third post today! I just have a lot to say I guess!

I used to call my sister my "icky sissy" when I was little. She's 5 1/2 years older than me. As kids we weren't all *that* close, but mostly because there was such an age gap. As adults though, we are tighter than lug nuts.

So, to say she is accident prone is quite the understatement. She is constantly stubbing her pinky toe on her right foot. As a family, we tend to be over-exaggeraters, so she is always calling me telling me she broke her toe, when in fact it is more like a small, albeit painful, stub.

So tonight I get a frantic phone call from her, she is practically hysterical and yells into the phone to meet her at the ER to pick up the kids. I throw on some clothes (I wasn't nakey, but I didn't want to be seen in public sporting spit up covered sweat pants), and race to the hospital. It's only a few blocks away luckily. I get to the waiting room to find my sister checking in. She is sitting in a wheelchair, in horrible pain, and one look at her toe makes me retch. Her pinky toe was completely horizontal, perpendicular to her other toes. *gag* I take her kids (3 and 6) and take them back home to hang out.

When she came to pick them up, she was nice and happy from all the mind numbing drugs. They had to stick a needle and do all kinds of unmentionable things to her toe to get it to go straight, so they had to really drug her up. I'm sure she'll be feeling it in the morning though, poor girl. :( She's in a walking cast now, which is not so good for her waitressing job.

As a kid, I was the one who was so accident prone. I ran into a tree on our fifth grade skiing field trip and had to be ambulanced to the hospital. On my 8th grade field trip, we went rock climbing. It was a hot afternoon, and after climbing all day we were exhausted. I plopped down on the ground to listen to the park ranger give a lecture and sat right in the middle of a cactus. I had to have my friend pull cactus needles out of my rear, then we ran off to climb up a tall rock. I got to the top of the rock and stood up, got really dizzy headed and passed out. I fell a few feet and hit my head. I had to be lifeflighted off of the summit. Shortly after that, I was voted Most Likely To Wreck the Driver's Ed Car. Which I did a few months later.

But since then I've only had a few minor bumps. I must have passed it on to my sister, the poor girl!


Corey said...

just thinking about your sister's toe is making me feel all ickypooyuck! GAG!

bigmamou80 said...

aw, a blog about me! i am so honored! thanks for rushing to meet us at the er, and you are crazy for wanting to look at the toe all perpendicular like. not once but twice! thanks again! love ya icky sissy! and no it's not because of the mind numbing drugs!

Jules said...

Yeah, it was disgusting, but fascinating at the same time! I had no idea a human bone could do that!

And Corey...ickypooyuck? That is some pansy cussing at its finest!!!

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