Tuesday, May 22, 2007

It's gonna be a long day!

Chloe woke up this morning saying "Yip, hurt! Oww" Her poor lip looks awful.

And we had Ali's four month check up this morning. She is doing fantastic, but she had three shots. So I have a cranky baby, hurt toddler, and I still have this bug. My wisdom teeth are getting worse too, the pain is radiating up through my face, and my ears and cheeks hurt now. Not to mention the raging headache, nausea, dizziness, and achy tummy.

Sigh. Who takes care of the Mama when she is sick?

In happier news, my daughter has been cracking me up lately. Today I asked her if she wanted a PB&J and she said "G-G-and G? OK!" Or she grabs unopened cans and boxes of food from a low cupboard, puts them in her little purse and says "Go store? Need juice? K, be back" Then she'll go the bedroom and walk back out and hand me a can of corn and say "Here juice. Say takes (thanks)!" She also clops around in her play high heels (she walks better in heels than I do!) thirty necklaces, sparkly purses, and clip on earrings. She likes to wear her tutu as well, and say "I princess!" Although princess sounds like "Pcheshesh" Her speech is still coming along, and every day she'll repeat something new, or string more words together. She still doesn't talk as much as other two year olds though.

Ali is asleep now, Chloe is eating her GG&G, and I am getting ready to collapse on the couch. Not to fall asleep, but just to wallow in my misery. I'm sure it's going to be one of those days where Chloe watches too many cartoons, but I don't feel that guilty.


Meghan said...

Oh, girl... don't you even think about feeling a bit guilty for Chloe watching a bunch of cartoons on a day like today.

Corey said...

oh that girl of yours...so cute. Kenna likes to wear her tutu and calls it her "pin sess" sooooooo cute they are.

Megan said...

I am also down with a tummy bug and it just SUCKS! Someone still has to be the mama around here!

Chloe's adventures are so precious. I know you are thrilled she is talking more - she is such a HOOT!

Jules said...

I am sorry you are sick too Megan. It's even worse being pregnant and sick!

I can't wait until Dacey starts jabbering more and we get to hear more funny stories from you!

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