Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Outside Box

We live in a fourplex, on the upstairs level. We have a sidewalk in front of us, and a small grassy area. Both girls like to draw on the sidewalk, blow bubbles, play in the grass, etc. We live next to a horse corral, so we always like to go visit the horsies, go on short walks, and visit the park a few blocks over.

One problem I have found is that Chloe always wants to bring a ton of toys downstairs to play with, a big bucket of sidewalk chalk, a large bottle of bubbles, assorted sizes of balls, a water bottle, etc etc etc. This means I am lugging stuff (and kids) up and down the stairs repeatedly. Then, the outside stuff doesn't really have a set place to go when we get inside.

I store the girls' outgrown clothes in containers like this one from Rubbermaid. I recently went through and emptied one of the boxes (most of the clothes will go to charity). So now the box is our Outside Box.

Right now it is has:
-A large bucket of super cool sidewalk chalk.
-Two jump ropes
-A small first aid kit
-2 bottles of bubbles
-A roll of paper towels for snot, blood, dirt, etc (they are kids, ya know?)
-A shovel and bucket
-An assortment of small toys
-2 bottles of water
-granola bars
-Tennis ball, bouncy ball, big bouncy ball, etc
-A magnifying glass so Chloe can check out bugs right before she stomps on them.
-Before we go outside I also throw in my cell phone and camera.

Now that the weather is FINALLY nice, we have started playing outside more. Which is great to help pass the time since my kids have started waking up at the buttcrackofdawn.

So, now I only have to carry one big thing and it stays by the door ready to go! Voila!