Monday, May 5, 2008

Cautious and Adventurous!

I really have a nervous Nelly on my hands! Chloe has always been really tentative about enjoying new things, she doesn't stray far from me, and she approaches all objects and people with extreme caution.

In fact, she just went down the slide by herself for the first time a few months ago. She would always climb up the ladder, try to talk herself into taking the plunge, then turn around and elbow her way past the impatient kids on the ladder. Back to safety and solid ground.

Today we played at the park for a few hours. Both kids really had a lot of fun, the differences between them are amazing!

Ali approaches everything with the very opposite of caution. She is wild, she will run and jump, climb to the very top of the jungle gym and dangle her leg over the edge while grinning.

She squeals while defying the laws of gravity, she speeds through tunnels and over the wobbly bridge, she flings herself down the slide with reckless abandon.

We had a really great time. Dad came too, and he enjoyed the slide!


Corey~living and loving said... I feel like I've been in the clouds. I would have NEVER pegged miss big sister as cautious. WOW! who knew? First day on the slide? Serious? I always pictured her as a go getter.
learn something new everyday.

Anonymous said...

It's funny how they can each be so different. Tony looks a little different than I remember him, a bit shorter.

Jen said...

OMG LMAO at Dad! Too cute! :)

Yay for Chloe...does she love the slide now??

Ali & Dalton are so alike! Watch out! LOL

Jules said...

No Jen, don't tell me that, I'm scared now! haha!

No, Chloe still doesn't like the slide. If she does go down she stops herself with her feet so she goes down reaaaaalllly slowly! LOL!

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