Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My List

I recently created a list of some of the things I want to do before I die. It's a running list, I am adding to it often. A stranger reading this list might look at it and say "Whoa, none of this involves your family or children!" and that stranger would be right.

I've also got a list in my head of the things I want to do with my children, and if they want to tag along with me to all of the continents, that would be just fine. But it is about time I start focusing on ME, things I want to do, things that will better MY life. Because somewhere between changing diapers and exchanging vows and mopping the floor I lost me. Considering I got married and had children at a very young age, I don't think I ever had me in the first place. The list is incredibly ambitious and hard to reach, but they are all experiences that will help me grow and change (for better or worse). Because before I can be a teacher, mother, wife, sister, I have to be me. And if I have to jump off of a bridge to make that discovery, well then, pack up my parachute.

Here is my list, please, make one too. We all have to have something to look forward to right?

*Wave to each of my children as they drive off to college.
*Visit all of the continents.
*Visit all fifty states.
*Take my kids to Disney World.
*Sit in a French cafe and write (with some pastries and espresso).
*Run a 5K.
*Read 100 classic novels.
*Publish a book.
*Live without electricity for a month.
*Live by myself (briefly), because it's never happened before.
*Learn how to snowboard.
*Learn how to garden.
*Lay on a semi secluded beach all day. In a reclining beach chair, with a stack of paperbacks and a large fruity drink.
*Go to the Four Corners in the US.
*Go on a safari in Africa.
*Get Lasik.
*Get a tattoo.
*Fit into (and look good in) a pair of my jeans from high school.
*Finish a 1500 piece puzzle with no help.
*Find the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe.
*Eat vegan for a year.
*Deliver food and supplies to a village of hungry families.
*Conquer my fear of spiders.
*Buy a beautiful house with a huge backyard.
*Become a foster parent.
*Beat my dad at Monopoly.
*BASE jump off of the
*Appear on Wheel of Fortune with my mom (and win a ton of money).


Anonymous said...

What do you want to base jump off?? Interesting list! :-) I may start my own!

Noah said...

You forgot "meet Noah" ;) JK!

Neat list! :)

Jules said...

Actually, my town is home to the one bridge in the US that you can legally base jump off of every day of the year!!! People come from all over the world to jump here. I've always enjoyed watching it, and hope to do it someday, if I'm not too scared!!!

Anonymous said...

Great list! I'd like to do some of those things too!

Anonymous said...













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