Thursday, May 8, 2008

Chocolate Cheesecake Pudding Cups

Ok, so this is quite possibly my favorite dessert, and the kids love it too. Very simple, easy to make, full of calcium, and very filling.

You will need (for 4 pudding cups):

1 package cheesecake pudding mix
2 packages chocolate pudding mix (or one of the large boxes)
5 1/2-6 cups milk
4 graham crackers
whipped cream (optional)

First, prepare the chocolate pudding according to directions. Immediately distribute HALF of the pudding into four cups (you can use coffee cups, I use clear glasses since it looks so pretty when it is done!) and put into fridge. They only take 5 minutes to set. In a separate bowl, prepare the cheesecake pudding. Evenly pour all of the cheesecake pudding on top of the chocolate in the cups. Stick back into fridge for five minutes. Then add the rest of the chocolate pudding on top (this might have set up already, you can just use a spoon to scoop it on top!) So, you have three layers, chocolate, cheesecake, then chocolate. To make it easier you can just do two layers, or you can mix up the order of the layers if you like cheesecake more.

Set this back in the fridge for just a few minutes to get firm. For the graham crackers, you can crush each one on top of the pudding, break them into large chunks, or (my kids' fave) you can use the graham cracker as a spoon to dip in your pudding! Lastly, add a dollop of whipped cream to the top!

I always use skim or 1% milk, lite whipped cream, and reduced fat graham crackers, but you can mess with it however you like.

A couple of can also use strawberry or cherry jello in place of the chocolate pudding. We've tried that once and it really was DELISH. You can also use chocolate graham crackers, banana pudding, etc.

Chloe says it is YUM-O!

Ali would give her input, but she is busy right now.


Jen said...

Oooh those sound yummy! I bet the boys would like them as well :) Gonna have to try 'em.
So what are you checking out who comes to visit your blog?? Hmmmm now you can see how often I stalk you! LOL

Jen said... girls are too cute! Chocolate & all :)

Mary Ann said...

YUM! Those look great and they also look like some messy fun! Cute pictures!

Jules said...

Haha Jen, no it is just really interesting to see how many people are coming and going. I had no idea!

Laura said...

Sounds delicious! And your girls are sweet enough to eat too!

Mandy said...

I know a bunch of kids who would definitely enjoy this! Thanks!

Meghan said...

The awesomeness of those pictures is making me so happy right now.

Happy Mother's Day, Jules!

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