Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I'm A Baby Snuggler

So my gorgeous friend Megan is writing a series of babywearing articles at Blissfully Domestic. Go on, go check it out, my blog isn't going anywhere!

Ok, so now that you have read the goodness that is Megan, I'd like to tell you a little bit about my babywearing experience. My carrier stash consists of a knock off Bjorn purchased at Target (I've linked to an Amazon listing for visual purposes, not to be confused with a recommendation *wink*). Also included in my carrier stash is a CassieBeanie ring sling, a Lucky baby pouch, and a Hotsling. These carriers were all made beautifully, work just fine, and are pleasant to look at.

But they all pale in comparison to the Best. Baby. Carrier. Ever. It's so versatile, totally comfortable, good for moms with bad backs or shoulders, and lightweight. Yes, I'm talking about the Mei Tai. Not to be confused with the sippable Mai Tai.


No, the Mei Tai is an asian inspired baby carrier, it has a long body, and a set of straps attached to the top and bottom. Essentially, you tie your baby to you. My friends at Hideabug Sky Tai have some great instructions on how to put on your Mei Tai. Once you have your baby securely attached to you, you can very easily take walks, go shopping, pace around the house with a colicky baby, or do housework.

The reasons I love the Mei Tai are as follows:

-Totally versatile. You can wear your baby in the hip, back or front carry, facing towards you or away from you, as a wee baby, or as a tot.

-The wide straps cross over your shoulders and back so that your baby's weight is evenly distributed. As a mom with a bad back and shoulders, this is the most helpful of all. Hours of comfort and achy-free baby wearing!

-Compact (it folds down really small), can also be purchased with a cover, for protecting baby from the elements, and for discreet nursing.

-Stranger protection! Other people just have this insane urge to touch little babies. Intentions may be good, but you don't know if they've just been to the bathroom, or put out their cigarette or just kicked the flu. With your baby sandwiched in between you and the carrier, strangers are much less likely to reach their grimy hands in and pet your kid.

Ok, so now that I have raved long enough, let's talk about which Mai Tei is the best. Well, ready for a linkage overload? Check out some great ones here and here. Oh, yep, and here and here too. Wait, and here.

Of course, one wouldn't be let down by the amount of results when Googling "Mai Tei". On average, most MT's will cost you about 60-100 dollars. You may also find a clearance gem, or find instructions for making your own carrier. But these babies are worth every single penny!

Here is a picture taken last year of me wearing my 4 month old baby at the zoo.

This is the first picture I have shared of myself on this blog and it happens to be one where I am carrying extra baby weight, I have an odd expression on my face, I'm standing next to a drinking fountain, and my unwashed hair is hanging flatly. Pretty.

But really, even if you buy a Mei Tai and find it doesn't make you giddy with happiness, the good news is that they often hold quite a bit of value and you can swap or sell it.

So do it, try one, your baby will thank you!


Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

Even though I didn't talk about it much in that last post on my personal blog, I DO love me a Mei Tai too! (While sipping a mai tei. yes, please) I LOVE that shot of you guys at the zoo! That is some babywearing happiness.

Thanks for posting this!

Jill @ Live, Laugh, Blog said...

Okay, so I haven't had the best luck with baby carriers. I have a mai tai (what? I can't spell) that I don't love because it seems like it sags. I have Beco carrier that I thought I would love and have tried to force myself to love because it was like a car payment. And I have a lucky baby sling/pouchy thing. That I loved when Little Sister was, well, smaller.

ARG I say. But I'm checking out your links and seeing what I can do.
Having Little Sister in a sling would make shopping SO much easier, because Big Sister could ride in the cart. Is there a mai tai (holy heck) that a baby can be forward facing? I feel like my boobs are smothering the baby.

Holy long comment, I'll go now.

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