Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Freshly Roasted Baby

Today Alivia reached up on the counter and pulled on a piece of paper that was sitting there. The paper was a brightly colored advertisement for Pamper's diapers that I had placed there for no reason. Alivia caught a glimpse of the cute little boy baby wearing the Pamper's and thought she should pull it down to see if he was hotter close up.

The problem was that sitting on top of the Pamper's catalog was my new large carton of coffee grounds (not the tin kind, the plastic jug). As she pulled down the picture of the handsome baby the entire container of grounds fell on top of her. The plastic jug did not hit her but 26 oz of coffee sand rained down upon her. She had it in her hair, nose, down her shirt, sticking to her eyelashes, it was E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E!!!!!

We were running late for a playdate, so I stripped her down and did a quick wipe down. She was in a fresh diaper so I didn't worry about checking that. While at our playgroup I noticed the scent of fresh coffee beans following her around, and found a few stray grinds in her ear.

She was a bit fussy at the store, and upon getting home and stripping her down to change her diaper I got the shock of my life. Her diaper was full of tiny little coffee grounds. I felt so bad that the poor girl had to carry around a diaper full of Folger's for several hours. :( But after washing her down she was happy as can be so I think the coffee incident is behind us.

"The best part of wakin' up...is Folger's in your butt"

P.S. This has also reminded me that I can't leave ANYTHING on the edge of counters. I can't believe her arms have gotten so long!


Lori said...

Aww, that gave me a great visual!

Corey~living and loving said...

oh my word....I am cracking up. folgers in your butt. tee hee.....
I miss you Julie. I wish you were on the board more. I need a julie fix more often.

Mary Ann said...

Haha!!!! That is really funny. Not the fact that she had coffee in her butt but your cute jingle at the end.

Jen said...

Omigosh I am cracking up! I can just picture it! LOL...you should have taken a pic! Poor girl with it in her dipe!

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