Thursday, March 13, 2008

Fascinating, Fun, and Frustrating.

Life with a three year old is fun. They are such funny mini people. They can be silly and happy one moment, and angry and tantrum-y the next. But, they are so nice to have around just for the entertainment factor.

Life with a one year old is frustrating. Ali will be happily playing and the next second she is on the floor screaming and kicking because she wants another cracker. And then the next second she is sitting on my lap hugging me and giggling. And then the next second she is in time out because she gouged my eye out with her fingernails that won't. stop. growing.

Life with a husband is fascinating. One moment he is helping me do the dishes and in a flash of a second he is out fishing. I've never understood the appeal of fishing. I mean, holding a stick with a string and a sharp object on the end? Not my idea of fun.

No, my idea of fun is scrapbooking. Taping some pictures to a piece of paper, that sounds WAY more exciting right????!!!!


Corey~living and loving said...

a whole lot more fascinating for SURE! Fishing makes me cry.

Good to read a blog from you. thinking of you always.

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