Sunday, March 23, 2008

No, not the bunny, please!!!!!

So, the Easter Bunny didn't stop by our house this year.


I know, it's terrible isn't it! My girls did get Easter baskets, but with the very bare minimum. Not for good reasons like consumerism, or losing the religious reason for the season, we're are just cheap. A few sugar free jelly beans, some eggs, and a small doll for each. But the baskets were from Mom and Dad.

The baskets were from us because both girls do not like the Easter Bunny. If the baby sees the gigantic, fluffy bunny she clings on to us, a panicked look on her face and her fingernails digging in to our skin. Chloe is becoming less frightened, but she is still very tentative about walking up to the large rabbit.

To be honest, I am a little bit wary as well. Full grown men dressed in large costumes, spending their free time in the mall so kids can take turns sitting on their laps? A scary perma-grin plastered on their masked face? Large unblinking eyes and big furry paws?

Now, I'm not accusing the Easter Bunny of being a pedophile, or even a man at all. I just hate that we have no idea who is underneath that costume.

The idea of telling my children that the fur covered monstrosity will come to our quiet home in the middle of the night, walk through the door, and wander through the dark house hiding baskets and eggs and Peeps? The thought alone gives me the goosebumps. Nuh-uh no siree, not for us! For now the EB will stay at the mall where he belongs, and we'll give him a half hearted wave as we pass, then shuffle along quickly.

Maybe next year. :)


Corey~living and loving said...

interesting....really interesting....hmmmmmm....Sugar thinks the easter bunny is a small real bunny, so no fear there, I guess.
I can see you point though....are they scared of Santa as well?
good food for thought.

Laura said...

Love it!! You know how some Santas look authentic and some look Well I have yet to see a shopping mall (or the like) "Easter Bunny" who hasn't completely creeped me out! It's something about the eyes...or teeth...or dingy fur...*shudder*...

Jules said...

Nope Corey, not afraid of Santy Claus! I think because he is a bit more 'human' looking, like Laura mentioned!

My crazy girls!

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