Tuesday, February 26, 2008

*Yawns and stretches*

*Rubs sleep from eyes*

*Confusedly looks around*

Oh hey, hello there! I'm emerging from a nice restful break from blogdom. I just could not find the time/energy to sit down and write out a coherent post. I kept up with some of my bluddies (blogging buddies) but was lacking in leaving the comment love, so my apologies to you all.

Last night as I sat in bed banging my skull against the headboard as my 1 year old screamed like a banshee, I thought of a really great topic to blog about. As my little one and I tossed and turned and punched and kicked (it was her mostly, I swear) I lost track of what I was going to post.

Then this morning as I rolled out of bed feeling like I had been run over by a truck (felt a bit like a Chevy) I couldn't even spell the word bolg bgol blog.

Then as the day wore on I sort of remembered my great idea for blogging, but then my head exploded due to the sheer amount of ENDLESS NONSTOP SCREAMING.

I really did forget what it was, I'm sure I will remember tonight as I am climbing into my bed and about to drift off to sleep. Right after snuggling into my sheets, but right before being whacked in the face by my one year old monster.