Monday, July 2, 2007

50th Post!

Yay for fifty posts!!

Life has been crazy, crazy, crazy. I had a super busy weekend. Hubby went on a three day bachelor party. Sheesh! A big group of the guys went camping and fishing, they really had a blast. So I invited my cousin to stay the weekend with me. She is 14, and both of the girls really love her. I had a lot of fun staying up late, giggling and chatting. But man, I am really appalled at how 'grown up' teenagers are. Doing drugs, having sex, sneaking out. My cousin isn't doing those things (yet anyway) but all of her friends are. It's scary. We went swimming on Saturday for my younger cousins' birthday party. It was a lot of fun, and I really slathered a ton of sunscreen on both girls. I must have missed a spot on Ali's arm though because the poor thing got burnt. I completely forgot about putting sun screen on me, and I am super crispy and red. Then on Sunday my mom and I went to visit my friend and her new little baby. Such a sweet little thing! She is still teeny, only 5 lbs 3 oz, and still in the NICU, but she is beautiful! Then we did a whirlwind of power shopping, and lots of driving back home.

All this week I'll be catching up on housecleaning! Should be fun times.

I've been reading all about the huge 4th of July giveaway at 5 Minutes For Mom for quite a while. In true procastinator fashion I waited until now to enter though! Just in the nick of time! You have to check them out, they have some amazing things to give away!