Monday, February 5, 2007

Utter CHAOS!

My house is in CHAOS mode. According to, that means "Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome." My living room is a mass of toys, dirty laundry, diaper changing paraphernelia, dirty dishes, shoes, you name it. My kitchen sink is overflowing, the floor needs swept, and something is growing a rather pretty bluish/greenish tinted fuzz in my refrigerator. Chloe's room is bursting at the seams with clothes, books, toys, stuffed animals, and who knows what else. I have a laundry pile that is close to 6 feet tall. In the interest of adjusting to sharing my time with two kids, I have competely neglected all things related to housework. Ali is still nursing around the clock, and it is rather hard to fold clothes with one hand. My poor family is suffering as I haven't made a nice homecooked meal in weeks!

It's time to get back in the swing of things. Before I had Ali, in about my 7th month of pregnancy, I started FLYing. I started following FlyLady's routine daily, along with a group of Mamas I met online. We kept each other focused, motivated, and accountable. My house was gleaming! DH was ecstatic, and I threw out many, many garbage bags of unused clutter. It was so freeing! And the daily routine was easy to follow. But I really regret letting my house go down the pooper for nearly a month.

So today I began Flying again! The great thing about Flylady is that she stresses BABY STEPS. Don't do it all at once or else you will get flustered and frustrated and burnt out. Then the house will get just as bad the next day. So today I began by setting my timer for fifteen minutes and straightening up my kitchen. When the timer went off, I stopped. I barely made a dent in the massive clutter....BUT tomorrow I will do another fifteen in the kitchen, and fifteen in the living room. I should be caught up soon. It is so wonderful to have a clean house! Plus getting off my rear end and working does wonders for losing that darn baby weight! And since Ali is a rather attached child, I can pop her in the Mei Tai and she is content to snuggle up to me as I put a little elbow grease into scrubbing the crap out of a grease covered pan. The joys of being a housewife!

So check out FlyLady's website. She has a lot of ideas for getting your house in tip top shape, and even better, KEEPING it that way!


Ingrid said...

My house is in eternal "can't have anyone over" syndrome. I never see the bottom of my kitchen sink. There's clothes and toys everywhere, and I am usually too tired to even care. I keep toying with the idea of doing the Fly Lady thing, but have not gotten the motivation yet.

Jules said...

Yeah, it took me awhile to actually get up and start. But what I like most is that she stresses the fact that your house did not get messy overnight, it will take some time to get it clean! It's all about babysteps!

But no one wants to clean after working all day! I feel bad because I stay at home, and I don't want DH to think I sit on my tush all day. LOL!

Ingrid said...

Well, you have Chloe and Ali, you are not sitting in your tush. Taking care of kids can be a lot of work!

Meghan said...

I though I had an original comment to post here - but Ingrid's first post took the words right out of my mouth!

Megan said...

Girl, you are doing great. You have recently been "promoted" to a new job (Mommy of Two) and it's okay to give yourself a little slack while you adjust. And YES - babysteps. That's what it's all about.

Did you happen to watch Oprah today? It was about decluttering and it has motivated me to FINALLY FLY again after pretty much doing nothing since my BFP. Hee hee hee!

Helen said...

Okay let's get back off our asses and get really flying next week! LOL! Just teasing Julie. You have way better excuses than me to not be flying right now. Love ya!

aiya said...

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