Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Tuesday Ten

Ten Things I Have To Do Today

1. 3 loads laundry, bringing my two day total to 11 loads.*

3. Put together two packages to mail out tomorrow.

4. Clean my living room and kitchen.
5. Pay online bills.
6. Vacuum.
7. Clean my bathroom.

8. Shower. ***

9. List kids' clothes on Ebay.

10. Clean girls' room.

* The Hubs decided to clean out our closet. It was very scary. You see, we are total slobs, and we both have an insane amount of clothes, most of which we never wear. The discarded and unworn clothes were taking over our closet floor. The Hubs threw them all into my laundry pile, which soon became a mountain, and I am washing them all, then sorting them to take to charity. Since I am sure they don't accept wrinkled clothes *rolls eyes*

**I am going to try to squeeze in two hours of schoolwork at naptime, and two hours tonight and then maybe I'll be caught up. Sigh.

***Shower is on my list today because it is desperately needed. I usually shower every other day, which is all fine and dandy. But my showers consist of jumping in the water (sometimes scalding hot, sometimes ice cold) and spending exactly 5.8 seconds washing hair/body before I am wrenching off the water, and jumping out to make sure Ali hasn't knocked the house down. I need to take one of those wonderfully productive showers where things like shaving and exfoliating happen. Oh the bliss.