Saturday, August 18, 2007


Today we went to a Chinese buffet. It seems like every Chinese buffet (at least in the greater Idaho area) has a plentiful stock of jello, cottage cheese, and mashed potatoes and gravy. Didn't you know those are the staples of a Chinese diet?

So I got a plate with one jiggly square of bright red jello, a small serving of mashed potatoes with thick gravy, and a tiny scoop of cottage cheese. All of this with the expectation that Ali would reject it with a tight lipped shake of her stubborn head.

But she opened wide for the spoon with a miniscule amount of melt-in-your-mouth jello. And then swallowed it! Sweet success!

She also gobbled up the cottage cheese, but spit out the mashed potatoes.

7 squares of jello, and two large scoops of cottage cheese later, she was finally satisfied. I know jello is not the most nutritionally sound food to feed to my seven month old, but at this point if she would eat a Krispy Kreme, I'd gladly oblige. (As long as she got her own, I don't share Krispy's, even with cute babies). She is getting skinnier by the day because she is so darn busy. She is beginning to cruise along the furniture, although she is still unsteady. She is also quite the food snob. Even her baby food has to be the exact right temperature and texture or else she chucks it at me. At most she will eat about an 1/8 of a 1/4 of a jar. So her jello and cottage cheese binge is perfectly timed.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Life has been crazy. Hectic, insane, wild, nuts, busy.

I was horribly sick for about a week, and it is just barely starting to taper off. You know how it is when your actual cold is gone, but your nose still drips and your head lightly throbs for ages afterward? Yep, that's me. Both girls got sick too, so our house was pretty miserable for quite awhile.

In other news, I've started pulling my hairs out one by one. I'm down to a few patches of hair, and those are going later today. My little monster has been driving me to my breaking point. She is at this absolutely adorable stage where she screams bloody murder when I walk out of the room. Actually, she does it when I walk more than two feet away. Or when I set her down. Or when I stop talking to her. Or when I look at someone else. Or when I devote a fraction of a percentage of my attention on someone other than her. It is getting positively ridiculous.

Chloe has also started a lovely stage in which she can't ask for anything in a normal voice. Every single request must be issued in the highest, whiniest voice you can possibly imagine. And the word 'no' triggers the need to stomp her feet, throw herself on the ground and wail. That usually sets Ali off and she starts shreiking too, complete with crocodile tears. This is usually the point where I start yanking hairs out.

But things haven't been all bad. I started a scrapbook! I spent 20+ hours in the past few days working on my book. I have been meaning to do this for three years, and just barely started. I wouldn't earn a blue ribbon by any means, but at least I'm starting.

Although now the scrapbooking bug has bit me big time, and I want to go drop a G at the scrapbooking store.

So, screaming babies, whiny toddlers, sick Mamas, and not enough time/money for my new hobby. That's my life!