Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Annnnd......she's off!

We have runnage!!! Alivia took off like a jet plane. She is now running from room to room, pushing her dolly in a stroller all the way across the house, and climbing all over the place. She is powerful, busy, and incredibly strong-minded. And only 10 and a 1/2 months old.

I am also pretty convinced that she was a dog in her past life. She likes to watch us with eager eyes as we eat, hoping we will drop a crumb for her to gobble up. She enjoys splashing in the toilet, and the other day she licked my face.

When I'm not chasing after the little monster, or entertaining a toddler, I'm thinking about the holiday season. I've been brainstorming affordable gifts for my little spawn. I've decided on a box full of paints and paintbrushes for Chloe. She absolutely lives for painting. She will often bring me a fresh piece of paper and state very matter-of-factly "I paint dis." It is not uncommon for her to also tap her sister on the head and declare "I paint dis too." Whenever I pull the art box out, she starts to jump up and down and shake and sputter and get really giddy, and I start to think I should call 911 or something. Paint is her toddler drug. She has to get her fix every day.

Our local craft store had bottles of paint for a buck apiece, so I grabbed a slew of colors, a handful of brushes, and a few packs of construction paper. Threw it in a shoebox, tied on a ribbon, and voila....crack-in-a-box!


Jennifer said...

Oh goodness Crack-in-a-box! :)
I will have you know that I have to literally pull teeth for the boys to paint, draw anything! To have them sit somewhere for more than 5 mins!

Once again...I cannot believe Ali! WTH! She's the same age as Ben...& let me tell you TG Ben is not as mobile...I have my hands full now! I can't even imagine!

Jules said...

LOL Jen, are you sure we can't trade babies???!

I love that Chloe is so creative, but "I WANNA PAINT DIS" over and over again can get just slightly annoying!

Corey~living and loving said...

sounds like a perfect gift for you sweet chloe. :)

I am in aw of your ali.....that is nuts. I have no idea what I would do with a baby running through the house. eeeekkkkk

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